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We are the Alloy Wheel Repair Experts.

With 25 years of experience machining, welding and forming aluminum performance parts for the automotive, motorcycle and aircraft industry, we very quickly learned that all wheels are not created equal. The metallurgical makeup will vary from wheel to wheel requiring a specific repair process to restore the wheel without causing more damage to it.

Since 1985 Eagle Dynamics has successfully been repairing/refinishing all types and sizes of automotive alloy wheels for tire shops, body shops and insurance companies, as well as automotive dealers and individual automobile owners.

Alloy wheels can be damaged from potholes, curbs, wrecks, road debris, tire machines, low profile tires and even normal every day driving can cause alloy wheels to become out of round. Wheels that are no longer round will cause vibration, steering problems and uneven tire wear. Out of round wheels can eventually crack causing loss of tire pressure.

The average cost of most factory alloy wheels is around $500 per wheel. Replacement of one or more wheels, because of damage or wear, can be very costly. Many alloy wheels cannot be replaced at any cost. Wheel manufacturing companies frequently change designs, offering new and different wheels. Previous wheels are discontinued and are no longer available. What do you do in any of these circumstances?

Eagle Dynamics can restore most alloy wheels back to their new condition, saving our customers hundreds of dollars and getting them back on the road in a short time.

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